Coding and Reimbursement

Category III CPT® Codes for BCT. The following CPT code set is specifically for Biomechanical Computed Tomography analysis (BCT):


In typical use, retrieval and transmission of the scan data to a centralized testing lab (0555T) is performed by a Radiology department or imaging facility; assessment of bone strength and fracture risk and bone mineral density (0556T) is performed by the centralized testing facility at O.N. Diagnostics; and interpretation and report (0557T) is performed by a physician with expertise in osteoporosis and BCT. Such a physician would typically be the same type of physician who has the medical expertise to interpret results from DXA testing. For situations in which BCT is medically indicated and a patient does not have a previous CT scan that can be utilized for BCT, a CT scan can be ordered (0558T) solely for the purposes of an accompanying BCT.

Reimbursement for BCT. BCT is nationally covered and reimbursed by Medicare as a Bone Mass Measurement, a bone mineral density test for osteoporosis.

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