The virtual stress test for bone.
A new paradigm in the
clinical assessment of bone quality
and fracture risk.
Comprehensive, Convenient and Cost-effective.

Biomechanical Computed Tomography analysis (BCT) for osteoporosis • Provides diagnostic measurements of both bone mineral density and bone strength • Identifies patients with osteoporosis • Identifies patients with osteopenia who are nonetheless at high risk of fracture • Utilizes most patient CT scans ordered for any medical indication that cover the hip or spine; no calibration phantom or special imaging protocol required.

VirtuOst provides the clinically impactful bone information you need to better treat your patients — delivered conveniently and cost-effectively.

If you’ve had a recent CT scan that captures your hip or spine, for any medical reason, VirtuOst may be able to utilize that scan and provide a comprehensive bone assessment, with no additional radiation or inconvenience to you.

Since 2005, O.N. Diagnostics has collaborated with academic and industry leaders to better understand bone strength in the context of clinical trials, research studies, and product development.