Sending Data to O.N. Diagnostics

How should one-off CT scans be sent to O.N. Diagnostics? A CT scan (CAT scan) must be mailed to O.N. Diagnostics for assessment along with a physician-signed order form. X-Rays and MRI images are not suitable for VirtuOst BCT. Please request a VirtuOst Order Packet for more information.

How will I receive the VirtuOst results? When individual CT scans are sent to O.N. Diagnostics for analysis, the results are returned to the ordering physician via fax or mail. Staff at the O.N. Diagnostics IDTF are not authorized to discuss diagnostic test results directly with any patient.

Electronic Transmission. For facilities interested in integrating VirtuOst testing into their clinical care setting, O.N. Diagnostics can integrate directly with your health IT systems to support data transmission. Options vary from drag-and-drop file transfer from a desktop PC — easy to set up, no IT expertise needed — to automated PACS-to-PACS communication via VPN. All elements of the data can be transferred electronically, from orders to CT scans to results. Our staff will work with you to customize a protocol.

Data Privacy. O.N. Diagnostics is HIPAA-compliant and meets all state and federal regulations for handling of PHI (Protected Health Information). Patient privacy is of utmost importance to O.N. Diagnostics. To learn more about how we keep your data secure, please see our Privacy Policy.