How to Order VirtuOst Tests

The VirtuOst Tests

VirtuOst BCT measures bone strength and bone mineral density at the hip and/or spine. This information can be used by a physician to assess fracture risk, identify osteoporosis, and monitor therapy.

VirtuOst VFA identifies and grades existing vertebral fractures. This information is used to identify patients at high risk of a future osteoporosis-related fracture and can be interpreted by a physician to diagnose existing vertebral fractures and manage patients for osteoporosis. This test is only available as an add-on option to VirtuOst BCT.

For both tests, VirtuOst utilizes CT (CAT) scans that capture the hip or lower spine. VirtuOst cannot be performed on X-Ray, DXA, MRI, ultrasound, or other non-CT images. Typically, the CT scan has been taken already for some other medical reasons and is being re-purposed for BCT. For more information, refer to CT Scans Suitable for BCT.

How to Order VirtuOst

VirtuOst is available upon a doctor's or qualified medical professional’s prescription order and can be ordered in two ways.

Ordering VirtuOst from the O.N. Diagnostics IDTF. Physicians anywhere in the United States can order VirtuOst via the O.N. Diagnostics IDTF (Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility). The process is simple: send the completed VirtuOst Order form, which should be signed by both ordering physician and patient, along with the CT scan (or the scan facility information) to the O.N. Diagnostics IDTF. Results are usually returned with 1–3 days of receipt of the CT scan. For details, please request a VirtuOst Order Packet, which includes information about the VirtuOst tests, VirtuOst order form, and an order checklist with instructions.

Ordering VirtuOst from Partnering Providers. VirtuOst can also be provided by select hospitals and non-hospital imaging facilities that partner with O.N. Diagnostics. Please check with your local provider to see if they offer VirtuOst BCT. If you are a healthcare provider who would like to offer VirtuOst BCT, please Contact Us.

All VirtuOst tests are performed at the O.N. Diagnostics centralized testing facility, guaranteeing uniformly high quality of all tests performed. For more information about sending CT scans to O.N. Diagnostics and receiving results, refer to Data Transfer.

Patient privacy is of utmost importance to O.N. Diagnostics. To learn more about how we keep patient data secure, please see our Privacy Policy.